Master Manifesting: Setting Writing Intentions for 2023 with Vanessa Mártir

I’ve often been asked: How have you done it, V?
What people were really asking is: How have you created this writing life for yourself, V? 
How have you done it without an MFA? Without the connections and networking that comes with an MFA? 
How have you done it your way? 

One of the ways is this: I set writing intentions. 

In this two hour workshop, we’ll go through the process of setting writing intentions for yourself for 2023. 

We’ll answer the questions: 
– What does setting writing intentions look like? 
– What does setting writing intentions entail?
– What’s the purpose of setting writing intentions?  

You dream of being a writer, of publishing, of writing your stories, poems, essays, and getting them out into the world. But what does it take to do this? Setting intentions is one way. 

When: December 29th, 2022, 7-9pm EST
Where: Online via Zoom
How Much: $33

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