Experimenting with Storytelling Forms: Writing Flash Nonfiction on December 14th

Are you a predominantly nonfiction prose writer who looks longingly at poetry like you wish you could do that? Or maybe you’re a poet who looks longingly at nonfiction writing. If either sounds like you, this flash nonfiction class is for you!

I consider flash writing forms as cousins to poetry because they share the same mandate as poetry—brevity and distillation. Like poetry, every word counts.

Flash nonfiction focuses on memoir, essay, and factual writing, and is called by many names, including micro essay, flash creative nonfiction, flash memoir, and even prose poetry. 

So what the heck is flash nonfiction, and why is it considered experimental writing? That’s what we’ll take on in this final class of the Experimenting in Storytelling Forms Series.

In the Writing Flash Nonfiction class, we will answer the questions:
– What is flash nonfiction?
– Why do writers use this form?
– How do writers use this form? (You’ll be given a list of model essays when you register.)
– Why is this form effective?
– How can you use this form in your story-telling?

When: December 14th, 7-9pm EST
Where: Online via Zoom
How much: $33 (if you can’t make this date, you can have access to the private video recording for an additional $6, or $39)*
To register or ask questions: Send an email to writingourlivesworkshop@gmail.com

Experimenting with Storytelling Forms is a tuition-based series brought to you by Vanessa Mártir and the Writing Our Lives Workshop. The classes in the series are:
– Writing the Hermit Crab Essay on October 20th, 7-9pm EST
– Writing the Braided Essay on November 16th, 7-9pm EST
– Writing Flash Nonfiction on December 14th, 7-9pm EST

* All classes are $33 and $39 for access (for one week) to the private video-recording. You can take one class, two classes, or all three.

Let’s play and explore, and learn different ways to tell our stories!

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