Announcing a new series! Experimenting with Storytelling Forms: Hermit Crab, Braided & Flash Essays

This new Experimenting with Essay Forms series will take place on the third Thursday of the month, starting October 20th, thru December:

October 20th: Writing the Hermit Crab Essay
November 17th: Writing the Braided Essay
December 15th: Writing Flash Nonfiction

I created this series because I’m all about experimenting with essay forms. I do not write in the traditional, chronological essay form. In fact, I’m blocked and, honestly, bored by it.

I’m more of a braider, a stacker, a meanderer. And lately I’ve been trying hard to write a google maps essay about a loss that’s haunted me for years. I’m also obsessed with flash, and its close proximity to poetry. (Y’all know I’m a wanna be poet, right?)

This series comes out of this effort and obsession, and my own willingness and want to experiment, to add life and color to my work.

In these classes we’ll answer these questions:
– What is this form we’re studying (hermit crab, braided or flash)?
– Why do writers use this form?
– How do writers use this form? (You’ll be given a list of model essays when you register.)
– Why is this form effective?
– How can you use this form in your story-telling?

You can take one class, two or all three. I kept them affordable–$33 each–because I’m all about keeping my work accessible. $66 for two classes, $99 for all three!

Have a conflict? Can’t take the class on the scheduled date/time? No problem! For an additional $6 per class ($39), you can have one week of access to the private recording of an individual class. (That’s $78 for access to the recording of two classes, $111 for access to the recording of all three classes.)

For more information, to ask questions and to register, email:

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