Family Trouble: Writing about Family, a One-Day Intensive

Writing our lives often means writing about our families.
Family is our first mirror and how we first define ourselves, and that’s why writing about them is one of the trickiest aspects of memoir and personal essay writing.
We can’t get away from these people and how they’ve shaped us, but how fair is it to put them in our stories? How does a writer handle writing about family with honesty and respect?

In this one-day intensive class, we will:

  • Examine how writers have tackled writing about family in their essays and memoirs;
  • Explore craft techniques that can help us in writing about the people who love us the most, know us the best, and hurt us the worst.

Some writers have opted not to write memoir and personal essays (or have labeled their work fiction) to avoid the pitfalls that surely come when writing about family. This class is for those who can’t help but answer the call, and strive to do so with love.

WHEN: June 29th, 7-9pm
WHERE: Online via Zoom
HOW MUCH: $30 for the live class, $40 for access to the private video recording (this option is for folks who can’t make the live class)

Interested? Have questions? Email:

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