Writing the Mother Wound One Day Intensive coming on July 30th, 2022

If you grew up like me, you were taught that mother is the holiest of holy. She is a saint. She is the altar at which you are to sacrifice yourself, again and again and again.

But what about those of us who have had fraught relationships with our mothers? 

What about those of us whose mother wasn’t encouraging or supportive?

What about those of us for whom our mother was (and still is) neglectful and abusive?

Have you wanted to write about your complicated relationship with your mother but don’t know how? 

Have you found it difficult to dig into these memories? Do you not know how to even begin?

Have you dealt with backlash when you dared to talk or write about your relationship with your mother? Were you told: You only have one mother, called ungrateful, treasonous, a traitor? Or have you imagined the scenario and been paralyzed by it? Have you internalized this shame?

I created this class for you.

In the Writing the Mother Wound class, we will:

  • define the mother wound, dig into its causes, effects, etc.
  • examine how writers have written about the mother wound in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry;
  • engage in writing exercises to help you write about and make art out of your mother wound.

Note: this is a very condensed version of the five-week Writing the Mother Wound class which is relaunching in the fall. 

Information on partial need-based scholarships will be posted in the coming days.


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