All In My Feelings Series Week 3: Writing Rage

We know what rage feels like. We know the heat in our chests. We know the clench of the jaw, the ways our hands curls into fists. But how do we write rage/anger? 

I’ve heard writers say they get stuck on how to describe anger in writing. Even when they’re just looking for a few words or a phrase, they get bogged down. 

If we feel these anger, we should be able to write it, right? That’s easier said than done. Psychologists say it is more difficult than usual for people to communicate clearly when they’re feeling intense emotions like anger. This may be why anger is so difficult to express in writing, no matter the genre. 

We’ll be taking on this emotion in the online Writing Rage class, Week 3 of the All In My Feelings Series. 

In this class, we’ll be covering: 
~ How can we use setting to show anger? 
~ How can we show what anger does to our bodies? How can we show what rage feels like, inside? How it affects how we see the world? 
~ How can we describe anger, this abstract emotion that everyone has experienced, so our readers gets the profundity of our rage or that of our characters? 

When: May 18th, 7-9pm EST
Where: via Zoom
How much: $30 suggested donation ($40 for access to the private recording of the class)

For registration/inquiries: 

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