Writing Our Lives has a newsletter!

After many years and hundreds of folks asking to be added to an email list and/or newsletter (which I resisted for reasons that amount to laziness and not wanting to put in the legwork), I finally caved—WRITING OUR LIVES HAS A NEWSLETTER.

It’s for lovers of all things personal essay/memoir/autobiographical writing/creative nonfiction.

It’s also for folks who want to read my stories and what I’m up to in the world. I’ll share information on upcoming classes, publications, events, partnerships, random musings, an occasional personal essay, etc. 

I’m sure it’ll evolve, but I promise not to spam you or send you newsletters every other day. (I hate that!) I’ll cap posts at once a week, likely much less.

I’m also requiring that people opt in (that is, subscribe) because I can’t stand it when people add me to something without asking me first. So rude! You should decide for yourself. Consent is important.

Hope you’ll join me! You can subscribe here: writingourlives.substack.com 

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