Demystifying Travel Writing, a Writing Our Lives Offering with Vanessa Mártir


When folks think of travel writing, many think of the book Eat Pray Love that made Elizabeth Gilbert famous (and loathed by some), and the movie with Julia Roberts in the leading role.

I think of National Geographic, which I read religiously as a kid at my local Brooklyn library, wishing I could one day take an epic adventure like the ones chronicled in its pages, a photographer in tow taking vivid photos of me in lush landscapes, chillin’ with the wildlife I’d been commissioned to write about. 

This was an impossible dream. I was raised in poverty. I didn’t have access to the resources to make this dream happen. I didn’t have the money to take those trips, and as I got older, I realized just how hard it would be to take the time away from my family, my work and responsibilities. 

I still dream of being published in the National Geographic (and I will one day, watch me!), though I’ve learned since that travel writing doesn’t have to be as grandiose or farfetched as I once believed.

In this class we will demystify the genre by digging into it, what it is and what it can be. We will read various examples of travel writing, and will try our hand at writing about our own travels and adventures. 

When: October 27th, 2021, 7-9pm EST
Where: Online via Zoom
How Much: $30

For inquiries and to register, send an email to with “Travel Writing” in the subject line

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