Writing Joy, a Generative Class with Vanessa Mártir

We hear that holding onto joy is revolutionary. That joy is our birthright. That we should work to remind ourselves of joy, to hold on to joy, to manifest and harness joy, especially in the current climate. 

We are reminded of the importance of joy all over social media. The need for it. The want for it. 

I’ve heard writers comment on how hard it is to write joy. They’ve asked: How do you write joy, Vanessa? 

This is what I know: 

I can write joy because I’ve experienced and written so much about grief. 

I can write joy because I am deliberate about immersing myself in play and imagination in my writing process. 

I can write joy because I’ve learned and practiced how to do so. 

In this generative class, we will:

  • explore ways writers have written joy;
  • dig into ways we can write joy for ourselves and our stories;
  • learn & practice craft elements to write joy in ways that our readers can feel & relate to. 

When: October 6th, 2021, 7-9pm EST
Where: Online via Zoom
How Much: $30 (If you need & want this class, but cannot afford the tuition, please email me.)

For inquiries and to register, send an email to writingourlivesworkshop@gmail.com. with “Writing Joy” in the subject line.

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