Writing Practice: What is it, & why do writers need it? with Vanessa Mártir

Writing Our Lives is back on September 1st, with our FREE/Donation-based classes every Wednesday, 7-9pm. 

We begin with: Writing Practice: What is it, & why do writers need it? 

We accept that if someone is going to undertake a public performance on an athletic field or a stage, they have to build their skills and prepare themselves through practice. 

We know that in order for David Ortiz to hit the number of home runs he did in his prime, he had to devote years to hitting practice.

We understand that if someone wants to play guitar like Prince or Jimi Hendrix, they have to put in a lot of hours with his instrument before he can play cosmic riffs. 

A finished piece of writing, one that other people are going to read, is just as much a performance as a concert, a basketball game or a recital. So why isn’t writing seen as a skill we must constantly hone and practice?

In this free/donation based class, we will define writing practice, what it is and why writers need it. 

I will share my writing practice rituals and what I’ve learned over the years of diligent writing practice. 

I will supply participants with tools to create their own writing practice. 

I will also show you how writing practice can help you break through writers block! 

We will talk. We will write. We will have fun doing it. 

WHEN: 9/1, 7-9pm EST

WHERE: Zoom & the comfort of your home 

HOW MUCH: Free (donations are encouraged & appreciate)d

TO REGISTER (or ask questions): send an email to writingourlivesworkshop@gmail.com with “Writing Practice” in the subject line. 

#writingourlives #writingourlivesworkshop #writingpractice #freewritingclass 

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