Cocina Chronicles: Writing about Food in CNF, a One-Day Free Generative Class with Vanessa Mártir

Vanessa Mártir & Writing Our Lives are excited to gift you a free/donation-based, generative, two hour writing class every Wednesday in January 2021. On January 13th, we bring you “Cocina Chronicles: Writing about Food In CNF.”

To some degree we all speak the universal language of food, so you’d think that writing about something you do multiple times a day would be easy. It’s not.

So many of our memories are tied to food; so many people, places and eras of our lives. Food stirs our palates and our emotions. But it’s not enough to remember. As a writer, your job is to tell a story. 

In this two hour, free generative class, we will explore how to use memories of food to engage the senses and deepen your writing.

When: January 13th, 7-9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Where: online via Zoom

Registration info: send an email to with “Cocina Chronicles” in the subject line.

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