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Years ago, at my baby shower, a homeless man begged for food outside the hall. The custodian yelled at him to leave. My second mom Millie, the self-proclaimed butch who raised me, told the custodian: “¡Donde comé uno, comén diez!” (Where one eats, ten can eat.) Then she went inside, where she prepared a huge tray of food and brought it out to the homeless man, instructing him to share with his friends. 

My family has always sent money and barrels of food, clothes and more to Honduras a few times a year. This after having immigrated to this country fifty years ago. 

I was raised in poverty. I have experienced poverty as an adult. I have been homeless. I have couch surfed. A few years ago, I applied & received SNAP benefits to help feed my kid. When it came time to recertify, though I knew I was eligible, I didn’t because of shame. 

Poverty is nothing to be ashamed of! 

There’s an essay here, but my point is this: I have always and will always offer scholarships for my classes. Up until two years ago, the financial aid was rarely funded. I’ve simply taken the loss. 

A few days ago, I announced my first tuition-based class of 2021: Intro to Writing Your Life. As always, I am offering scholarships, because I want to make my classes as accessible as possible. This is a no brainer. Still, it would be helpful to have some funding. Covid has hit my pockets hard. I’ve lost thousands of dollars in gigs and have been on unemployment for months. I’m not sharing this for pity. I’m sharing because it’s hard out here for all of us, and still, I believe “Donde comé uno, comén diez.” 

Folks have asked me if and how they can fund scholarships for my classes. I am so honored and grateful that you believe in me and my work. And I am grateful on behalf of the writers who will benefit from your generosity. 

For those interested in funding a scholarship or scholarships for this class or any upcoming classes (Writing the Mother Wound is launching on March 20th), please inbox me or send me an email to

How does this work?

Scholarships are need based.
You can donate anonymously or not, whichever you prefer.
You can request that the funds go to a specific demographic, eg. a single mom of color, etc.
You can donate funds and trust that I will allot it appropriately.
We can discuss this further.

Thank you for believing in this work and the power of our stories. Mucho amor, always!

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