Reclaiming Your Voice on the Page

Reclaiming Your Voice on the Page Spring 2020

What is voice? What are publishers and agents referring to when they say they’re looking for a strong, original voice?

Have you found yourself wondering what your voice is? Do you find that you can tell your stories but they don’t sound the same when you write them down?

Are you struggling to write in a voice that is unique to you and your stories?

Ever felt empowered by someone’s story and wondered how they learned to write so fluidly and honestly?

I created the Reclaiming Your Voice Class just for you!

This is an online, self-paced class where you’ll be led through various exercises with the aim of uncovering/re-discovering your voice, and unlearning what you’ve been taught about your voice on the page. Why do you need this class?

Because you’ve been told repeatedly, directly and subliminally, that you are not good enough and that your stories are not worthy.

You’ve been taught to write in ways that stunt your writing and expression.

You’ve been taught that you have to write a certain way and that way negates your cultural influences and verbal tics and everything that makes you you.

I get it. It was done to me too and I’ve written about it. It has become one of my missions as a writer and educator to help writers learn to write in their own distinctive voices, because that’s where your power is. You will read. You will write. A LOT. Join us!

Class Information:

This class is self-paced, and available online on March 16th, 2020. 

Tuition: $60


What you get:

  • Instructional lessons
  • Model texts
  • Craft essays
  • A slew of reflective writing assignments.

To register, send an email with “Reclaiming Your Voice on the Page” in the subject line to

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