Bringing the World into Our Stories: Research in Personal Essay and Memoir, a Writing Our Lives Class with Vanessa Mártir


Are the stories about our lives enough? What’s the purpose of research when writing creative nonfiction? How can we bring the world into our work to add depth, nuance and metaphor? 

In this three session online class, we will discuss the purpose of research and identify different types of research methods we can employ in our writing.

We will also dig into why and how research can increase our understanding of people, topics and ideas, and even ourselves and our place in the world. 

When: February 10, 17 & 24

Where: Online

How Much: $120 (including a $30 registration fee)

Platform: Wet.Ink (this is the platform I use to teach my online classes)

What you need to know:

  • This is a three week online class where we will examine and dig into research methods that can help to add nuance and depth to your work. 
  • The specified dates are when the pre-recorded instructional videos, readings, assignments, etc. will be posted on Wet.Ink, the platform I use to teach my classes. 
  • The class includes one live one hour videoconference using Zoom. Attendance isn’t required but is encouraged. The videoconference will be recorded and shared. Dates are to be determined.  
  • This class is for both new writers and seasoned writers. All you need to participate is curiosity and willingness to do the work.
  • We will be reading essays and memoir excerpts, and dissecting them; analyzing what kind of research the author may have done, how it affected their work, the decisions they made in the narrative, etc.
  • We’ll also be doing tons of research and writing. You will have weekly research, writing and reading assignments.
  • This is generative class, not a workshop. As such, your work will not be workshopped, but you will be able to engage with participants and the facilitator via the discussion boards and comment sections.

For inquiries and to register, send an email to 

One comment

  1. I am looking forward to this. The timing is perfect for me as I’ve begun to take a look at the pasts of some of my family members and want to learn more about the times during which they came of age, yet not turn my non-fiction into a history lesson and lose the heart of the stories.

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