James Franco Review just published this essay that I’m expecting to get some pushback over. Bring the noise! 

“What is it about my dynamic with white women that makes me, a normally very outspoken, quick to defend herself woman, get quiet when challenged or dismissed by them? What is this silence I’ve internalized? Where does it come from?

“I reached out to my friend D who went to NYU and works at NYU and whose daughter recently graduated from NYU. She shared stories of “me too”—the white female professor who gave her a dirty look; having to ally herself with people who would use her for what she could do for them…there are so many sacrifices we make to survive in white spaces.

“I thought about the reflection I wrote after AWP15, Color in AW(hite)Place : “There was a time when I refused to believe that race was such a pervasive issue. I’d cringe when people cried ‘racism.’ I’ve been known to say, ‘Not everything comes down to race.’ I’m not that naïve anymore.”

“And I thought about how I’d ended that essay: “Because silence is a political act.” My silence is a political act. Is this who I want to be? Is this how I want to show up in the world? Acid settled in the back of my throat. It burned.”

Keep reading the essay here: https://thejamesfrancoreview.com/2016/12/14/an-essay-by-vanessa-matir/