A lesson from nature

A pigeon laid two eggs on my air conditioner last week. Since then, she’s sat calmly on those eggs, waiting, trusting that nature will take its course, that the hatchlings are healthy & growing in their shells, & will peck their way out when the time is right. She doesn’t know when that will be. She just waits. She doesn’t pressure them to hurry up, she doesn’t get irritated by how much time & attention & warmth they need. She just sits & waits. She trusts. How’s that for a metaphor?

This past weekend I decided to take on that sit with myself in silence challenge. I needed to quiet the noise so I’m off FB for a spell. I haven’t been out, besides to teach and handle my mommy duties. I’ve been writing & reading & percolating. Maybe this pigeon is onto something. Maybe she chose my air conditioner for a reason. Maybe I/we can learn something from this bird who I’ve heard called “rat with wings.” Maybe sitting patiently & trusting in the process is what we all need, or maybe it’s just me.


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